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Books, Charts and Posters

If the mysteries of the universe keep you awake at night and haunt your days, we have just what you need to remedy that.
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Invisible World. Knowledge book

For primary and secondary school age

Levenhuk’s informative book, “Invisible World’’, will help young scientists learn everything they want to know about microscopes and microscopic observations. They will start by learning the history of the microscope, it...More
Space. Non-empty emptiness. Knowledge book

For children of primary and secondary school age

The knowledge book "Space. Non-empty emptiness" is a bright and informative book for children over 6 years of age. It will introduce a child to the mysterious and infinite space. Each section of the book is devoted to a ...More
Levenhuk M20 Large Planisphere description

Dimensions: 8.3x12.2 in / 21x31 cm

A planisphere is a rotating star chart that quickly and easily helps you find out which celestial objects may be observed at your location, at a given date and time. While observing the night sky, our an...More
Space. Microworld. Knowledge book (two-volume edition)

For children of primary and secondary school age

The educational books set by Levenhuk includes two colorful books created specifically for children of school age. ...More
"See it all!" Astronomer's Handbook picture

Paperback. Information on 280 celestial objects. Colorful images, detailed star charts, commentaries.

Alexander Shimbalev wrote a very useful handbook for beginning astronomers; it contains information on many aspects of astronomy. It is an easy read, without too many technicalities, that explains everything you need to ...More
Levenhuk Space Posters Set image

The set consists of 3 posters: Moon, Solar System, Sun and Other Stars.

Educating people about the universe has always been our passion. We truly believe that a basic knowledge of astronomy is very important for one's education. After all, we always have to see the big picture, don't we? Tha...More
Levenhuk Moon Poster photography

Dimensions: A1 (33.1x23.6 in / 84x60 cm). Material used: lacquer coated thick paper.

Meet the Moon, Earth's only natural satellite. Ever wondered about the age, weight, and composition of this magnificent creation? Do you know who the first man was who landed on the Мoon? Or how many expeditions there ha...More
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Levenhuk Solar System Poster description

Dimensions: A1 (33.1x23.6 in / 84x60 cm). Material used: lacquer-coated thick paper.

Meet the Sun, our own and only star, and the eight planets revolving around it. The eight planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars (the so called the inner planets), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune (the outer pla...More
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Levenhuk Sun and Other Stars Poster photo

Dimensions: A1 (33.1x23.6 in / 84x60 cm). Material used: lacquer-coated thick paper.

The universe has incredibly gigantic stars. They are so huge that our Sun might look like a grain of sand next to a rock if you were to compare them. Well, now you can compare them on our colorful poster. See what the Su...More
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"Reach for the Sun" Levenhuk Growth Chart description
"Reach for the Sun" allows you to follow your child’s growth and provide your child with a fun way to learn all the planets of the Solar System. No more putting marks on doorposts and walls - with this growth char...More
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Choose a beautiful astronomy poster for your room

In this section you can select a fantastic astronomy poster for your room to always inspire you to new discoveries and tell visitors more about you, your hobbies and interests. Here you can purchase a poster with the Moon or the Sun or go for an astronomy poster with the whole Solar System. Get an even better price by buying all three (Levenhuk Space Posters Set).

These posters are not only bright and attractive, they are also very informative – on each poster you will find short trivia about presented celestial objects. These posters are great for both children and adults fascinated by the beauty of the cosmos.

In this section you can also find extremely useful sky charts (planispheres), which can help you determine coordinates of the most popular celestial objects.