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Monocular Microscopes

Monocular microscope is a compound microscope with one eyepiece. That means that you can only use one eye to observe samples. Monocular microscopes are widely used in all areas: medical research, morphology and diagnostic studies.

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Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 Microscope & Telescope Kit

Designed for children over 6 years old

A wealth of interesting discoveries awaits your kid with Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 Microscope & Telescope Kit! The kit includes a biological microscope with an experiment set and a refracting telescope. These instruments featur...More
Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope

Excellent optics, modern design, robust body. Experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–1280x.

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS - the perfect combination of stylish design, excellent optics, and ergonomic body. Like all other models in the Levenhuk Rainbow family, these microscopes are ideal for young researchers. Each model comes with a Levenhuk...More

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Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope

Sturdy and easy-to-use educational microscope with experiment kit. Magnification: 40-400x.

Levenhuk Rainbow 2L series – five eye-catching colors, quality glass optics, ergonomic design, and an excellent accessory kit. With Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope studying will become an adventure! Children will be able to explore the microcosm a...More

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Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope

Bright microscope for an inquisitive child. Comes with an experiment kit. Magnification: 40–640x.

Levenhuk LabZZ – brand new microscopes designed especially for the youngest microcosm explorers. Levenhuk LabZZ microscopes feature uniquely shaped bodies of beautiful translucent colors: moonstone, amethyst, azure, lime and orange. Each model is sup...More

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Levenhuk LabZZ MTB3 Microscope & Telescope & Binoculars Kit
Levenhuk LabZZ MTВ3 Kit is an ideal gift for an inquisitive child. The kit includes three optical instruments – microscope, telescope and binoculars. All three are designed to meet the needs of young observers, while the...More
Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Microscope

High quality and reliable microscope for school and university students. Experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–640x.

Bright and stylish Rainbow 2L PLUS microscopes are the logical continuation of the Levenhuk Rainbow 2L series. New microscopes combine all the advantages of the previous line with new, favorable features. These microscopes are equipped with two i...More

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Levenhuk 700M Monocular Microscope

Magnification: 40–2000x. Comes with high-quality achromatic objective lenses and Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm.

Levenhuk 700M Monocular Microscope – biological metal-bodied microscope designed for studying transparent samples in transmitted light. This microscope can be used for studying and hobby; it will help in conducting medic...More
Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Microscope

Reliable educational microscope. The kit includes everything needed for first biological experiments. Magnification: 40-800x.

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L – bright, stylish microscopes perfect for beginning microcosm explorers, as well as experienced biologists. These microscopes allow you to examine plant and animal tissues and learn more about their cellular structure, observ...More

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Levenhuk LabZZ M3 MicroscopeLevenhuk LabZZ M3 Microscope with a camera adapter

Magnification: 300–1200x. Experiment kit included.

Levenhuk LabZZ M3 Microscope - is a true find for an inquisitive child. It has everything that a young scientist dreams of, and comes with 100 useful accessories! Prepared microscope slides, blanks slides and cover slips...More
Levenhuk Rainbow D50L PLUS 2M Digital Microscope, Moonstone

Modern technologies, wide possibilities, user-friendly design. Digital camera and experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–1280x.

Modern technologies that enter the optical equipment market significantly increase our possibilities. With Levenhuk Rainbow D50L PLUS 2M Digital Microscope, Moonstone you can not only observe plant and animal cells or mi...More
Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope

Magnification: 100–900x. Experiment kit included.

Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope is a great instrument for a young biologist. The microscope is very easy to use; it allows for studying transparent microscope samples, and also comes with an interesting experiment kit. A ki...More
Levenhuk LabZZ M1 Microscope

Magnification: 100–300x. Experiment kit included.

Levenhuk LabZZ M1 Microscope is designed for young explorers of the microcosm. With this microscope young scientists will take their first steps in science. The supplied kit includes everything needed for this purpose: e...More
Levenhuk 5S NG Monocular Microscope

Magnification: 40–500х

Levenhuk 5S NG Monocular Microscope is a simple and reliable optical tool that will become a great assistant to a child in studies and scientific hobby. Its magnification range is from 40x to 500x, which allows for detai...More
Levenhuk D320L 3.1M Digital Monocular Microscope

Professional digital laboratory microscope

The Levenhuk D320L 3.1M Digital Monocular Microscope is ideal for biochemical, pathologo-anatomic, cytologic, hematologic, urologic, dermatologic, biologic, and general clinical research in medical laboratories. This ser...More
Levenhuk 7S NG Monocular Microscope

Magnification: 40–800х. Abbe condenser, an iris diaphragm and light filters

Levenhuk 7S NG Monocular Microscope is an advanced microscope for beginner explorers of the micro world. It will be a wonderful assistant in studies and will help in performing a lot of scientific experiments. It is easy...More
Levenhuk Rainbow D2L 0.3M Digital Microscope, Moonstone

Modern microscope for beginning microcosm explorers. Digital camera and experiment kit included. Magnification: 40-400x.

Levenhuk Rainbow D2L 0.3M Digital Microscope, Moonstone is a perfect gift for a schoolkid. This microscope allows you to conduct a variety of interesting experiments with ready-to-use microscope samples, as well as with ...More
Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope description

Monocular. Magnification: 200x. Illumination: mirror.

Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope is an attractively priced basic microscope for beginners, children and students. The microscope works in bright field mode allowing you to observe transparent specimens, and has a very good pric...More
Levenhuk 3S NG Microscope picture

Monocular. Magnification: 200x. Illumination: mirror. Also included: Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit

With the Levenhuk 3S NG you can begin your adventures in the world of science right after you take the microscope out of the box, with the included Experiment Kit. This model allows for bright field observations of trans...More
Levenhuk 320 PLUS Biological Monocular Microscope

A monocular laboratory microscope with LED illumination. Magnification: 40–1600x

Levenhuk 320 PLUS Microscope is a laboratory model for professional microscopy observations. It is suitable for performing morphological, hematological, biochemical, and other research in laboratories at medical institut...More
Levenhuk 320 BASE Biological Monocular Microscope

Monocular microscope for laboratory research with halogen lighting. Magnification: 40–1000x

Levenhuk 320 BASE is a laboratory microscope suitable for microscopy research in various fields. It is perfect for studying biochemical specimens and can also be used for general clinical, morphological, and pathologo-an...More
Levenhuk Zeno Cash ZC16 Pocket Microscope

Portable microscope with an LED light. Magnification: 100–150x

Levenhuk Zeno Cash ZC16 Pocket Microscope is a magnifying tool with a built-in light. Due to its light, it can be used for paper currency verification. This microscope is compact and lightweight; you can easily take it t...More
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The word "monocular" comes from the Latin word "monoculus", which literally means "having one eye". A monocular microscope therefore has a single eyepiece for observing specimens.

Monocular microscope is the most popular type of microscope. These microscopes are used for observing in transmitted light using the bright field method. Despite a little discomfort that appears during lengthy observations, monocular microscopes are still used by a lot of amateur and professional observers because they are highly affordable. Medical laboratories and, more often, school laboratories are usually equipped with these microscopes. In this section you can find a wide range of high-quality monocular microscopes starting with the simplest models for amateurs and hobbyists, and ending with advanced laboratory devices.

For amateur microscopy enthusiasts, we offer starter microscope models, such as Levenhuk Rainbow microscopes. These monocular microscopes can be effortlessly used by beginners and children. Levenhuk Rainbow 50L models come with an extensive kit of additional accessories that will help beginners start exploring the micro-cosmos. The kit of these wonderful biological microscopes includes blank slides, a helpful user guide, forceps, a microtome, a variety of sample flasks – you can start growing brine shrimp, observing cyclops, earthworm, daphnia and other interesting microscope slides, conducting you own experiments right after unpacking the box!

This section also contains advanced microscope models designed for professional users and university students. For, example, the Levenhuk 320 series offers powerful models in compound and digital execution. These monocular microscopes are affordable and reliable and are widely used in medical laboratories and colleges.