Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Microscope

High-quality, reliable and stylish biological microscope with an experiment kit. Experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–640x.

  • AC adapter for illumination power supply through electrical receptacle. Please refer to the specifications table for the correct mains voltage. Remember that mains voltage in the U.S. and Canada is 110V and 220-240V in most European countries.

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Warranty: lifetime

Shipping weight: 1.84 kg

Package size (LxWxH): 23.0×15.0×37.0 cm

See Levenhuk Rainbow Microscopes in action

Bright microscope Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Lime - for those curious about the world around them. Once really boring, biology classes will turn into an exciting adventure – with Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Lime Microscope children will be able to see the wonders of the Microcosm with their own eyes! Its quality optics make the microscope a perfect choice for a biology student or even a laboratory technician.

Excellent optics
The optics are made of a special glass – it is highly transparent and does not distort the image. The lenses are coated with multiple layers of a special coating that increases light transmission level, making produced images brighter and more detailed.
The microscope is equipped with three objective lenses: 4x, 10x, and 40xs. The most powerful objective lens has a special spring mechanism that protects the optics from mechanical damage. If a user lowers the objective too far, it will spring back and won’t break the slide or ruin the objective lens.

Ability to observe both transparent and opaque objects
Thanks to the combined illumination, the microscope can be used for studying both transparent and opaque objects. Lower lighting is used for liquids with microorganisms, thin sections of plants and other transparent samples. Upper lighting allows for observations of opaque objects – paper, cloth, metal, etc. To observe a semi-transparent object, you should use both upper and lower lighting at once. Adjustable brightness allows choosing the optimal level of light for each specimen.

The reliable metal body of the microscope allows for its frequent use. The 45-degrees inclined monocular head allows for the most convenient viewing position. You can rotate the head 360 degrees around its axes - that is especially convenient when it is used by multiple people at once.
The microscope can be powered by an outlet or batteries, so you can also use it outdoors.

Caution: Please refer to the specifications table for the correct mains voltage and never attempt to plug a 110V device into 220V outlet and vice versa without using a converter. Remember that mains voltage in the U.S. and Canada is 110V and 220-240V in most European countries.

Conducting experiments
Beginning explorers will like the Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit (comes in the kit). The kit contains ready-to-use microscope slides, and all necessary tools for preparing your own specimens. Besides, the kit includes a very helpful user guide with all necessary information about the microscope’s design, recommendations for its use, and experiment descriptions.


  • Biological microscope with 64–640x magnification
  • Available in five bright colors
  • Sturdy and durable body made of metal
  • Upper and lower LED illumination systems
  • Experiment kit included

The kit includes:

  • Microscope
  • Objectives: 4x, 10x and 40xs
  • Eyepiece: WF16x
  • Stage with clips
  • Diaphragm disk
  • Condenser
  • Built-in upper and lower LED illuminations
  • AC adapter
  • 3 AA batteries
  • Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit
  • User manual and lifetime warranty

Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit includes:

  • "Attractive Microscope. Scrutinizing the Microcosm" User Guide
  • Forceps
  • Hatchery for Artemia (brine shrimp, or sea-monkeys)
  • Microtome
  • Flask with yeast
  • Flask with pitch
  • Flask with sea salt
  • Flask with brine shrimp
  • 5 ready-to-use specimens
  • 5 blank slides
  • Dropper
  • Dust cover

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Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Lime Microscope is compatible with Levenhuk digital cameras (purchased separately). Levenhuk cameras are installed in the eyepiece tube instead of an eyepiece.

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Levenhuk Rainbow Microscopes Comparison Table
  Rainbow 2L Rainbow 2L PLUS Rainbow 50L Rainbow 50L PLUS
Type biological
Head monocular, inclined 45° monocular, rotatable 360°, inclined 45°
Body material plastic metal plastic metal
Magnification, x 40–400 64–640 40–800 64–1280
Optics material optical glass
Eyepieces WF10x WF16x WF10x WF16x
Objectives 4х, 10х, 40х 4х, 10х, 40хs 4х, 10х, 40хs 4х, 10х, 40хs
Barlow lens no no 2x 2x
Revolving nosepiece 3 objectives
Eyepiece tube
diameter, mm
Stage, mm 90x90, with clips
Stage moving range,
using focusing mechanism, mm
0-15, vertical 0-8, vertical 0-11, vertical 0-11, vertical
Focus coarse
Condenser NA 0.65, diaphragm disk (6 apertures)
Illumination upper and lower LED illumination with adjustable brightness
Power supply AC adapter or 3 AA batteries AC adapter or 2 AA batteries
Case no no plastic plastic
Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit* yes
* Please note that Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit is supplied without individual packaging.


monocular, rotatable 360°, inclined 45°

Optics material

optical glass

Magnification, x


Eyepiece tube diameter, mm





4х, 10х, 40хs (spring)

Revolving nosepiece

3 objectives

Stage, mm

90x90, with clips

Stage moving range, using focusing mechanism, mm

0–8, vertical


NA 0.65


diaphragm disk (6 apertures)







Brightness adjustment


Power source

220 V/50 Hz or 3 AA batteries

Light source type

LED 3-3.2V (upper and lower illumination)


General use product.
May be used by kids
over 3 years old.