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Stereo Microscopes

Levenhuk stereomicroscopes are used by specialists in various scientific and manufacturing fields, as they allow you to study both small specimen samples and large objects. The sharp three-dimensional views of the observed objects yielded by these microscopes allow you to study the object in the tiniest detail, and carry out measurements and pinpoint operations with ease.
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Levenhuk LabZZ M4 Stereo Microscope

Magnification: 40x. Stereo Microscope. Working distance: 75mm

Levenhuk LabZZ M4 Stereo Microscope is a great choice for studying large objects. This microscope provides stereo images and has a wide working distance of 75mm. It will be convenient for observing coins, minerals, rocks...More
Levenhuk 3ST Microscope photo

Stereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 20-40x

Levenhuk 3ST is a reliable stereo microscope with a binocular head inclined at 45 degrees. This design allows for comfortable observations for extended periods of time without any muscle strain, and no additional stress ...More
Levenhuk 1ST Microscope

Magnification: 20x. Stereo microscope with 65mm working distance.

Levenhuk 1ST stereo microscope has a binocular head that allows for working with minerals, gems, coins, and other large objects. The microscope’s relatively large working distance of 65 mm allows you to solve a variety o...More
Levenhuk 2ST Microscope picture

Stereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 40x

Levenhuk 2ST Microscope is a modern tool with a long working distance of 60 mm (2.4 in) and maximum magnification of 40x. Such a working distance allows for observations of relatively large samples, such as minerals, jew...More
Levenhuk 5ST Microscope description

Stereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 20-40x

Levenhuk 5ST Microscope is a modern tool perfect for use both at home and in a professional laboratory. Due to the long working distance (160 mm, 6.3 in) of this lab microscope, you will be able to study everything you w...More
Levenhuk 4ST Binocular Microscope

Magnification: 20–40x. Stereo microscope with a 130mm working distance

The Levenhuk 4ST Binocular Microscope is a classic stereoscopic microscope for working with nonplanar objects. It can be used for studying geological and biological samples, small machinery parts, textiles, coins, and ar...More
Levenhuk ZOOM 1B Binocular Microscope

Magnification: 7–45x. Stereo microscope with a zoom objective and 235mm working distance

Levenhuk ZOOM 1B is an instrumental microscope with a large working distance. It is convenient for studying geological samples, jewelry, biological objects, textiles, circuit boards, and small mechanisms. This microscope...More
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Levenhuk ZOOM 1T Trinocular Microscope

Magnification: 7–45x. Stereo microscope with a zoom objective and 235mm working distance

The Levenhuk ZOOM 1T trinocular microscope is designed for studying three-dimensional samples: coins, jewelry, minerals, clockwork mechanisms, textiles, and biological materials. A large working distance allows for study...More
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Three-dimensional observations with Levenhuk stereo microscopes

If you are interested in science — whether it’s biology, archeology or if you are just fond of collecting different items — these models of microscopes were created just for you. It allows you to study not only flat specimens and thin slices but also relatively large samples, such as jewelry, minerals, coins and other objects of interest.

Stereomicroscopes provide a 3-dimensional, or stereoscopic, image of the observed object. Thanks to this feature you can use such microscopes for sample measurements. That's why they are widely used for measurements in manufacturing and quality control and are sometimes called industrial microscopes. Stereomicroscopes are also often used for dissection because they feature a large stage and long working distance, providing you with plenty of working space.

Stereomicroscopic microscopes are perfect for amateurs and beginners. These microscopes are very easy to use – you don’t need to be acquainted with intricate techniques of microscope slide preparation – usually you won’t need it.

Levenhuk stereomicroscopes provide unbelievably sharp and clear images of observed objects due to its highly transparent glass. These models have a special focus wheel that allows you to adjust the sharpness.

Each of the models presented here has its own advantages. Junior stereo microscope model Levenhuk 2ST features natural illumination, which allows you to save money on batteries. Stereomicroscope Levenhuk 3ST comes with a rotating objective allowing you to vary magnification. The kit of the stereoscopic microscope Levenhuk 5ST includes two objective lenses of different magnification and a convenient silicon case for microscope and accessories. What all these models have in common is high quality of provided images along with ease and comfort of use.

Stereomicroscopes are especially popular among stamp collectors, coin collectors, watch repairers, jewelry makers, etc. If you have a hobby that also involves small or detailed objects, Levenhuk stereomicroscopes are just what you need! Purchase high-quality stereomicroscopes in Levenhuk optical equipment store!