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Levenhuk monoculars are compact optical instruments that allow you to observe distant objects in great detail. The crucial advantage of Levenhuk Wise and Wise PLUS monoculars is their truly compact size - they take up far less space in your backpack (or even a pocket) than standard binoculars. Levenhuk monoculars are indispensable for hiking enthusiasts and travelers. First-class optics ensure vivid, crystal-clear, exceptionally sharp images.
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Levenhuk Wise PLUS 10x42 Monocular

Wide range of capabilities in an ultra-compact body. 10x magnification power and 42-millimeter objective lens.

Want to see more? Just take the Levenhuk Wise PLUS 10x42 Monocular with you! Its incredibly compact size means that it easily fits into a pocket or small purse. 10x magnification power is enough to observe considerably d...More
Levenhuk Wise 8x42 Monocular

Magnification: 8x. Objective lens diameter: 42 mm.

Levenhuk Wise 8x42 Monocular is a perfect combination of powerful magnification, compact size and reliable design. It’s exactly the instrument with great optical performance that will help you out in any situation. With ...More
Levenhuk LabZZ MC2 Monocular

Magnification: 10x. Objective lens diameter: 25mm

Levenhuk LabZZ MC2 Monocular is a classic optical device for kids. Its optics are made of high-quality BK-7 glass. The shell has a rubber coating for a firm grip, and the objective lens provides an excellent image even o...More
Levenhuk Wise PLUS 8x32 Monocular

Fully multi-coated optics, wide field of view, all-weather silky shell. 8x magnification power and 32-millimeter objective lens.

Whether you like walking or hiking, observing urban architecture or enjoying countryside landscapes, Levenhuk Wise PLUS 8x32 will become your trusted companion! 8x magnification power allows for easy and fast identificat...More
Levenhuk Wise PLUS 8x42 Monocular

Excellent visibility and vivid images in any conditions. 8x magnification power and 42-millimeter objective lens.

Levenhuk Wise PLUS 8x42 Monocular is an ideal gift for any traveler or outdoor enthusiast! 8x magnification power is sufficient to observe very distant objects, and the wide field of view is perfect for panoramic observa...More
Levenhuk Wise 8x32 Monocular

Magnification: 8x. Objective lens diameter: 32 mm.

Compact Levenhuk Wise 8x32 Monocular is the best choice for hiking and traveling. If you don’t want to carry around heavy full-size binoculars, then this monocular with its modern roof prism design is perfect for you! Bi...More
Levenhuk Wise 10x42 Monocular

Magnification: 10x. Objective lens diameter: 42 mm.

Levenhuk Wise 10x42 Monocular is a perfect optical instrument for visual observations. 10x magnification allows you to examine any remote objects: birds, animals, mountain ranges; urban architecture. With its light weigh...More
Levenhuk Rainbow 8x25 Monocular

Magnification: 8x. Objective lenses diameter: 25 mm

Levenhuk Rainbow is a series of lightweight monoculars in bright-colored compact bodies. You can choose an optical tool of your favorite color: red, orange, lime, blue, or amethyst. Levenhuk Rainbow Monoculars feature wonderful optical performance an...More

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Levenhuk Nelson 7x35 Monocular

Marine monocular. Magnification: 7x. Objective lens diameter: 35 mm

Levenhuk Nelson 7x35 Marine Monocular will be a great assistant to fishermen and water trip lovers. This lightweight and compact tool will easily fit anywhere, even in a pocket. 7x magnification is sufficient for detaile...More

+ £9.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

+ £9.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap for Binoculars/Cameras

Levenhuk Nelson 8x42 Monocular

Marine monocular. Magnification: 8x. Objective lens diameter: 42 mm

Levenhuk Nelson 8x42 Marine Monocular is perfect for fans of sea tours, fishing and small boat owners. A compact optical tool has 8x magnification and an aperture of 42 mm. It helps to see remote objects well. This monoc...More

+ £9.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

+ £9.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap for Binoculars/Cameras

Levenhuk Wise 8–24x50 Monocular

Magnification: 8–24x. Objective lens diameter: 50 mm

Levenhuk Wise 8–24x50 Monocular offers impressive optical characteristics. This high-aperture model with variable magnification has magnification in a range from 8x to 24x. The objective lens diameter is 50 mm. With this...More
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Which monocular to buy?

Every time you go hiking or traveling, and you plan to observe the environment, the wildlife or the landscape, you decide which optical tool to take with you. It is obvious that you need a lightweight optical tool that does not take much space and provides for bright and clear images. We have something to offer you! Compact Levenhuk monoculars are high-quality modern optical tools that completely meet your needs! If you are not sure which monocular to buy, read this article and learn more about wonderful Levenhuk monoculars.

If you prefer a compact-size tool, you will appreciate the Levenhuk Wise series monoculars. To get a perfect image with impeccable color rendition, consider an optical tool in the Levenhuk Wise PLUS series. Young observers will be interested in the bright Levenhuk LabZZ MC2 Monocular.

Find the best monocular in a broad range at Levenhuk online store

Where can you buy high-quality monoculars with a lifetime warranty? Levenhuk online store offers various monoculars to any taste. Levenhuk Wise series includes compact and lightweight monoculars. The multi-coated glass optics and roof prisms ensure you will always get a wonderful sharp image. The rubberized coating provides for safe and convenient use. Instead of carrying heavy optical tools, take a Levenhuk Wise monocular on a hiking trip. A distinctive feature of the elegant monoculars in the Levenhuk Wise PLUS series is an ergonomic removable rubber eyecup of the eyepiece that cuts out any outside glare. Fully multi-coated optics provide for amazingly sharp images. Besides, these monoculars are impervious to weather conditions and come in stylish waterproof shells. Levenhuk LabZZ MC2 Monocular is an excellent optical device for a curious kid. The tool features high-quality BK-7 glass and a convenient colorful shell. Encourage a child to explore the world around us – acquire an incredible modern Levenhuk LabZZ MC2 Monocular. A kid can easily carry this optical tool, as it is lightweight and compact. Be sure the tool will not slip out of your hands – each monocular model is equipped with a removable strap to provide secure use. Perfect optical properties ensure you will observe the picture in detail and will not miss interesting and exciting moments. Find the best monocular in Levenhuk online store.