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Levenhuk Spotting Scopes Archive

Here you can find spotting scopes previously produced by Levenhuk. In the main catalogue you can browse through modern Levenhuk spotting scope models and choose one that is just right for you.
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Levenhuk Blaze 15-45x50 Spotting Scope description

Waterproof. Magnification: 15–45x. Objective lens diameter: 50 mm

Levenhuk Blaze 15–45x50 is a compact spotting scope with a 50-mm (2-in) objective lens, capable of zooming within 15x–45x range. Its zoom capabilities come in very useful when you want to survey the surroundings first an...More
Levenhuk Blaze 30-90x90 Spotting Scope picture

Waterproof. Magnification: 30–90x. Objective lens diameter: 90 mm

Levenhuk Blaze 30–90x90 is a powerful and practical spotting scope with a variable focal length. Thanks to the wide range of magnifications (30x–90x), you can easily observe objects nearby and in the distance from the sa...More
Levenhuk Blaze 12-36x50 Spotting Scope photo

Waterproof. Magnification: 12–36x. Objective lens diameter: 50 mm

Levenhuk Blaze 12–36x50 is a compact spotting scope with a 50-mm (2-in) objective lens, capable of magnifications from 12x to 36x. Thanks to the short close focus, you can study and observe smaller objects that are very ...More
Levenhuk Blaze 20-60x80 Spotting Scope photo

Waterproof. Magnification: 20–60x. Objective lens diameter: 80 mm

Levenhuk Blaze 20–60x80 is a powerful spotting scope, made to the highest standards, with a large 80-mm (3.1-in) objective lens, capable of 20–60x magnifications with an impressive close focus of only 8 m (26.2 ft). Such...More

Levenhuk Spotting Scopes Archive – Spotting Scopes previously produced by Levenhuk

In this section of our catalog you can find Levenhuk spotting scopes that have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase. These models were quite popular when they were on the market, but now they have been replaced by more up-to-date spotting scopes. Here you can find out which new models came to replace these obsolete spotting scopes.

All models in our Spotting Scopes Archive are from the Levenhuk Blaze series. The series itself was not discontinued; it was renewed, rebranded and enhanced. So basically if you liked Levenhuk Blaze Spotting Scopes, you can still find them in the Levenhuk online store under new names. One insignificant, but nice change – names of the models became shorter and simpler. As the series was initially addressed to entry-level users, the number of models in the series was reduced in order to make the buying process easier. For example, if you need ultra-compact spotting scopes for hiking and traveling, choose Levenhuk Blaze 50 Spotting Scope. If you want a universal medium-powered model for stationary observations as well as for occasional travels, take a look at Levenhuk Blaze 60. And finally, if your priority is high magnification power, then Levenhuk Blaze 90 Spotting Scope is a perfect choice for you.

But renewal of the Levenhuk Blaze series is not the only reason for discontinuing spotting scope models you will see here. We have also launched a brand new spotting scope series for advanced users. New Blaze PLUS spotting scopes have improved optics and shockproof shells, and come with a professional-level removable metal eyepiece and provide more buying choices in order to allow our customers to find a spotting scope precisely suited to their purposes. You can find Levenhuk Blaze PLUS spotting scopes here.