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Catadioptric Telescopes

The catadioptric telescopes use both lenses and curved mirrors in their optical system. The primary mirror forms an image and the lenses are designed to correct it. Indisputable advantages of these telescopes are the large aperture and the large field of view, and at the same time they are very compact. All these features make them very popular among amateur stargazers.

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The catadioptric telescopes are the most sophisticated high-quality telescopes that are also suitable for deep-sky observations and astrophotography. These telescopes are designed for the most enthusiastic and experienced astronomers.

As all another optical constructions, this one has its own weaknesses, but knowing them allows you to avoid unwanted problems and use your instrument to its full potential. Disadvantages of the catadioptric telescopes: long thermal stabilization, chromatic aberrations, coma.

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