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Achromatic Refractors

The objective of achromatic refractor consists of 2 lenses (gathering and diffusing) which significantly reduce the spherical and chromatic aberrations (single lens distortions inherent in the image). This telescope tube is relatively small.

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Levenhuk Strike 60 NG Telescope photography

Achromatic refractor. Objective lens diameter: 60 mm. Focal length: 700 mm

Levenhuk Strike 60 NG is a wonderful telescope for children. Thanks to the Levenhuk Strike 60 NG Telescope, studying astronomy has never been easier. Straight from the box, without having to purchase additional accessori...More

This type of refracting telescopes is the most common and popular among stargazers.

Achromatic telescopes significantly (but not completely) reduce the effect of chromatic and spherical aberrations. Usually it’s a doublet with gathering and diffusing lenses made of an optical glass with different refractive indices. The image quality is a bit worse than apochromatic telescopes provide, but the manufacturing process is much cheaper. In Levenhuk online shop you will find a great choice of achromatic refractors at very competitive prices!