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Guide Scopes

Looking for celestial objects has never been easier! Levenhuk guide telescopes are equipped with a special database storing coordinates of tens of thousands of interesting celestial objects – all you need to do to find them is push a few buttons on a keypad and the auto-guiding system will do all the work. Thus, computer-controlled telescopes are especially great for amateur stargazers. Astrophotography with these telescopes also becomes more accessible and enjoyable.

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Astronomy guide scopes by Levenhuk

Astronomy guide scopes significantly simplify life for astronomers by eliminating the headache of fiddling with star charts and trying to find faint objects almost ‘blindfolded’ in an unclear sky. Such telescopes are equipped with special ‘clever’ mounting systems with microprocessors that store coordinates of thousands of celestial objects. Telescope guide scopes will do all the work for the observer – they find celestial objects and track them while they’re moving along the sky due to the Earth’s rotation. The last feature is especially great for astro imaging. You won’t be able to make decent long-exposure images without accurate tracking. Levenhuk guide scopes are the best choice for astrophotography.

Levenhuk guide scopes are especially recommended for beginning stargazers as they help to learn the sky more effectively and quickly, as well as for experienced astronomers who have no time or desire to navigate the 'old fashioned way'. Either way, this is a very convenient way of observing the night sky!

This section contains the best guide scopes from Levenhuk - SkyMatic 105 GT MAK, Levenhuk SkyMatic 135 GTA, and Levenhuk SkyMatic 127 GT MAK telescopes. The SynScan AZ database includes over 42,000 celestial objects – you will never get bored with a SkyMatic telescope!