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Telescopes for Enthusiasts

Telescopes for amateur astronomers with high level of knowledge of the subject. Include models of all optical designs for terrestrial, planetary and deep-sky observations. Are perfect tools for astrophotography.

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Though you might find just what you need in other sections of our catalogue.

Find the best telescopes for amateur astronomers

Amateur astronomy without a doubt is a most interesting hobby. We are living in a time of the great space discoveries so it’s no wonder that mysteries of the universe attract more and more aspiring astronomers, and amateur astronomy becomes more and more popular.

If you have already passed the phase of complete beginner and are done with astronomy binoculars and entry-level telescopes, then here comes the main question you must be most interested in: How to choose an amateur telescope? This is a very important decision for your future in the amateur astronomy world, because this telescope will become your companion for quite a while and will show you the best views that were previously unavailable for you with beginners’ telescopes. If you are looking to buy amateur telescopes, then you likely are already aware of the main telescope types, their advantages and disadvantages, and you probably even have your priorities set. Now the real question is not about what you will be able to see with a new telescope, but how comfortable your observational experience will be and the quality of that experience. Choosing an amateur telescope is a very personal decision, but here is some universal advice that commonly applies to all amateur astronomers. It can help you with choosing the best telescope for amateur astronomy. First of all, your astronomy equipment should be portable – if you are into it for real, then you should be ready to chase the best observational spots and conditions. If tonight is the night of the astronomy event of the century, then it’s no time for simple but bulky scopes – you should be ready to pack and go and see it no matter what it takes. Secondly, your working instrument should be reliable and never let you down, so you should opt for a dependable, sturdy and steady mount. One more important thing to consider is whether you want to observe “old school” and find celestial objects yourself, or if you want to enjoy the gifts of progress and get quick results with a GoTo mount. And, of course, you would want to get larger aperture and better quality optics – here you are free to go as far as your budget lets you. When you’ve made up your mind on what kind of telescope you want to buy, consider another important factor – where can you buy telescopes for amateur astronomers? Levenhuk online store is one of the best places to purchase high-quality optical instruments, including amateur telescopes.

Buy amateur telescopes in Levenhuk online store

In this section of our catalog you will find some of the best telescopes for amateur astronomers – portable, powerful, reliable and producing images of striking quality. Here you will be able to choose your first serious instrument or find a new or more advanced telescope, if your old equipment broke or you have overgrown it. Buying a telescope for amateur astronomy is a very important step, so take you time and compare all available options in order to find your perfect instrument. Remember that all telescopes for astronomy amateurs from Levenhuk as well as other Levenhuk optical instruments come with a lifetime warranty.