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Telescopes on Equatorial (EQ) Mounts

The EQ mount has two perpendicular axes: right ascension axis (or polar) and the declination axis. The mount is able to easily follow the diurnal motion of the sky. It has the coordinate circles (scales) on the axes that allow finding the object in the sky by its coordinates.

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Levenhuk Skyline PLUS 60T Telescope

Refractor. Aperture: 60mm. Focal length: 700mm

Levenhuk Skyline PLUS 60T Telescope is a classic refractor that will entice the explorers of outer space. It comes with an equatorial mount and an extended set of optical accessories – even a demanding user will appreci...More
Levenhuk Strike 100 PLUS Telescope

Newtonian telescope. Aperture: 102 mm. Focal length: 640 mm

Levenhuk Strike 100 PLUS Telescope is a Newtonian reflector perfect for astronomical observations in the countryside. With this instrument’s high-quality optics you will be able to witness the phases of Venus and seas on...More

A telescope mount is one of the most significant parts of a telescope; it supports all its construction and helps to point a telescope to the desired object on the celestial sphere. Any mount consists of a base, axes of rotation (arranged vertically to each other), drives and systems for measuring rotation angles.

When it comes to astronomical observations the Equatorial mount is the most common and convenient. Using EQ mounts telescopes, you can easily follow the diurnal motion of celestial bodies. It has two perpendicular axes, but for precise tracking only one of them is required (if the polar axis is parallel to the rotation axis). Almost all telescopes for amateurs and professionals are equipped with this type of mount, but it can be a little difficult for beginner astronomers. Levenhuk offers you a wide range of high-end telescopes on equatorial mounts, you can always find the one you need!