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Telescopes for Deep-sky Observations

With powerful Levenhuk telescopes the universe will raise the veil of secrecy! You will be able to see star clusters, nebulae and distant galaxies. And, of course, you can observe planets of the Solar System with striking clarity.

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Levenhuk Skyline BASE 120S Telescope

Newtonian reflector. Aperture: 114mm. Focal length: 500mm

Levenhuk Skyline BASE 120S is a classic Newtonian reflector that is ideal for deep-sky observing. You can see a great number of nebulae, double stars, globular and open clusters, galaxies – all Messier objects and some ...More
Levenhuk Skyline BASE 100S Telescope

Newtonian reflector. Aperture: 102mm. Focal length: 700mm

Levenhuk Skyline BASE 100S is a well-balanced Newtonian reflector on an alt-azimuth mount. On the one hand, it is simple-to-operate and user-friendly even for beginner astronomers; on the other hand, it allows observing...More
Levenhuk Strike 100 PLUS Telescope

Newtonian telescope. Aperture: 102 mm. Focal length: 640 mm

Levenhuk Strike 100 PLUS Telescope is a Newtonian reflector perfect for astronomical observations in the countryside. With this instrument’s high-quality optics you will be able to witness the phases of Venus and seas on...More

In this section you will find a great selection of high-quality powerful telescopes for observing deep-sky objects! These deep-sky telescopes with their large aperture and light-gathering power produce exceptionally bright and vivid images of even very distant celestial objects. Among them, you will find powerful telescopes with an autoguider system and simple ‘travel’ telescopes on Equatorial and Dobsonian mounts that are perfect for deep-sky observing. To take amazing images of deep-sky objects, use astrophotography telescopes – telescopes equipped with special digital cameras for telescopes.

In our online store you can buy deep-sky telescopes for yourself or as a present for your friends and relatives who are interested in astronomy.