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Levenhuk Rainbow – new wide field eyepieces for microscopes


We are happy to present a brand new series of microscope eyepieces – Levenhuk Rainbow eyepieces. Levenhuk Rainbow are universal wide field eyepieces perfect for studying microscope slides and other microscopic samples.

The main advantages of Levenhuk Rainbow eyepieces are their compatibility with a wide range of different microscopes and the ability to observe large areas of studied samples. All eyepieces in the series have standard 23.2mm barrel diameter and can therefore be installed on the majority of microscopes of various types and brands. The lenses are made of optical glass and produce clear views across the entire field of view. New eyepieces come with basic magnification powers of 10x and 16x.

The full list of brand new Levenhuk Rainbow microscope eyepieces:

You can find more Levenhuk eyepieces for microscopes here.

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