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How does the partnership program work?

  1. A partner posts our promotional materials on his website, every one of them has a unique RefID, with which we can track the number of clients that were forwarded from the partner's website and the orders they have placed. When a person visits our partner's website and clicks on a banner or a link, he is automatically forwarded to our online store, where he can make a purchase of the chosen instrument.
  2. A partner receives 20% commission of the order, if products were purchased at a regular price; and 5% of the order, if products were marked as 'Sale' or 'Special price'.
  3. In the 'Promotional materials' section, our partners may choose the banner for their webpage, as well as other materials. Copying any descriptions or texts from the website, if they are not present in this section, is expressly forbidden (including category and product descriptions from our online catalogue).

From our past experiences, several promotional materials (banners and links) in the top part of a page, yields higher profits than a single banner in the very bottom of the homepage.